In this project the main aim was to research two existing apps and combine them together to provide the user a more efficient platform. The project was done together with another classmate and it was a very enriching process.

About the application
Task King is an app based on the combination of the iOS reminders app, and Shenkar College app. The main aim was to make a platform that will combine with the students' daily schedule and also the students tasks for school.

The main challenge
After deeply researching the user needs, the main challenge was designing a flow that will include all the relevant information for the students' daily schedule, and doing so while keeping a very clean, simple and easy flow that will feel organised, and won't overwhelm the student.

The main features
The app was built in a way that will suit the students' every need. The user can add a new task from every screen and also from the home widget. The platform recognises the students' schedule and by that helps the student priorotise their tasks according to their class schedule. The app alerts the student about upcoming tasks, upcoming lessons, and notifies the student about adding a new task at the end of each lesson.  
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